Endodontics Boston MA

Dr. Mayani and the dentists and staff of Mayani Dental Group are committed to providing excellence in endodontics Boston MA dental office. Our goal is to offer the highest levels of care while ensuring the health and strength of our patient’s teeth. With specialized endodontic care, we are able to perform endodontic therapy which is also known as root canal therapy. When a tooth’s pulp becomes infected and damaged, endodontic therapy is used to restore and save the tooth.

Endodontic Treatment

You may be a candidate for endodontic treatment if your tooth’s pulp which includes the nerves, arterioles, fibrous tissues, lymphatic tissues, and venules are injured or diseased. When this occurs, it is necessary to save the tooth by performing a root canal. endodontic treatment also includes complex retreatments of existing root canals and root end surgeries.

At our dental practice, we provide a comprehensive dental analysis to determine the appropriate treatment based on each patient’s unique needs. If endodontics prove to be the most effective treatment option, we will move forward with scheduling the root canal therapy. At the end of treatment, patients will experience a much improved dental condition including a reduction in pain and inflammation.

The procedure should not result in discomfort and will restore the tooth’s natural integrity and function.

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